Michael Bohn | Issues
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Michael Bohn - Warped Tour Charlotte, NC
July 28, 2014
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Hooligans - Issues

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ISSUESJuly 2014Hartford, CT
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Issues - Stingray Affliction

Issues (issuesofficial)
Vans Warped Tour. Cleveland, OH. 7/17/14
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Anonymous said: Did Issues perform Disappear live? I saw that gif. If so, do you have the video link?

They didn’t. :/

Anonymous said: Hey I'm looking for the video where Issues sing their song Dissapear (Remember When) in a Acapella Version. I can't find it anywhere. Maybe you have a clue what video I mean?

Hello, this is the video you’re looking for! :)

→I forgot to tell you guys about warped!

Okay so I went to Warped on Monday, and it was my first warped ever AND my first time seeing Issues. They were amazing of course. I was in the crowd and I’m so short so of course I almost died, or felt like I was about to, anyway. I could barely get any videos of them playing but luckily managed to get one of Tyler kissing Michael on the cheek during Life of a Nine. I’ll upload it later if you guys care to see it. I also saw Ty’s DJ set, which was phenomenal, and he did a freestyle for us that he hasn’t done before, so it was really awesome. His set was easily the coolest thing about Warped. I was also lucky enough to meet him and AJ afterward, and they were honestly just as nice as you can imagine. If you ever have the chance to meet them, do it. Even if the only person in the band you know is Tyler, if someone says hey this is the guitarist and DJ of Issues, just say hey. They were so sweet and let me hug them a lot and thanked me for giving them letters. It was honestly an amazing day, and I’m so blessed to have been able to meet them and see the band play.